October 13, 2011

Anyone Else Over Two and a Half Men?

When CBS/Charlie Sheen announced that the long running sitcom would no longer feature him as a star I was worried. How would Two and a Half Men work without 1 of the men? And why was the show so persistant on continuing without him?

Sure, people need jobs. It's not the cast or crews fault that Charlie Sheen went crazy so I can understand that aspect of keeping the show going. Other than that though, I was very skeptical about how the show would thrive without their main star.

Enter Ashton Kutcher, former star of that 70s show, star of countless of failed movies and star of his own twitter account. Everyone thought "hey, maybe it won't be that bad". And why would it be when they planned to pay Kutcher a ridiculous amount of money to turn their show around.

I watched the first episode like everyone else and thought that the transition between last season and this one wasn't completely random. Sure, it's far fetched that a billionaire would buy Charlie's house and let Allan move in after trying to commit suicide because his wife wants to divorce him. Sure, it's crazy that they violently killed Charlie Sheen off and no one is really sad to see him go. But I thought hey, why not?

I watched the second episode and I felt bored. I didn't really care that Kutcher's wife left him even though she is played by Judy Greer who I adore. Allan was still a great character but I always thought he was better when he was bouncing off Sheen. The story lines feels kind of bland and I feel like their just trying to push the envelope with their dark comedy

Now I feel like I'm over the show and since it's Fall and there's so much other stuff crowding my DVR. Is it time to give up?