February 17, 2011

Mr. Sunshine, or as I Call it: The Return of Matthew Perry

I didn't think I was going to enjoy this show, especially because it's temporarily in "Cougar Town"'s spot, and I miss it! But I gave it a shot, mainly because it was on demand and I am sick and bored. I am actually surprised that not only was it a good pilot, but it was followed by a good second episode.

The premise of the show is actually interesting, and could help maintain intrigue if they continue to come up with interesting concepts. Matthew Perry is a manager of the Sunshine Center, a venue that hosts everything from sports games to concerts. The owner of the center is played by the hilarious Allison Janney whose bizarre behavior add to the comedy of the show. Andrea Anders, who was previously in the shouldn't have been canceled "Better Off Ted", plays his semi-love interest who is dating his kind of best friend played by James Lesure.

I feel like Matthew Perry is channeling his in Chandler Bing, only his new character Ben is a lot more cynical. But there's still that very dry, sarcastic tone to Ben that made Chandler so likable.

It seems like every episode will center around an event at the arena, which can be really interesting if they can come up with a different idea each week. The show can also has potential for many guest stars, and already had Nick Jonas in the second episode playing a teen pop star(real stretch for him).

I think the show has a lot of potential. If the first 2 episodes are good is shows that there is some promise that it could continue to grow as a comedy. I think it has a strong cast and supporting cast including Nate Torrance who was hilarious in "She's Out of my League".

I think I'll continue watching for now. But I do think it needs a new time slot.

Check it out on Hulu.com or ABC.com

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