December 16, 2010

Web Series Review - Living in 8-Bits

Created by Mixed Nuts Productions
The Story: A nostalgic web series produced by Mixed Nuts Productions. This is a sketch comedy series for those who love classic old school gaming from the NES days.
My Review: Though I never use it anymore, there are times when I, for one reason or another, catch a glimpse of my Sega Genesis, sitting in an indefinite hibernation under the television in my old room. It sits next to two stacks of gaming cartridges, each with two distinct stories to tell. The first, and the more obvious, is the actual premise of the game itself. The second is a little more personal for me. Each reminds of a much simpler time. A time when I would hop off that yellow school bus, run up the stairs of my house, bolt my way to my room, toss my homework to the side, and escape to an 8-bit fantasy realm for a while.
Living in 8 Bits takes that nostalgia and mixes it with pure hilarity. This extremely clever series takes all too familiar remnants of our favorite games of yesteryear and grounds them, so to say, in our world. We learn what’s become of Lucas, the techno-glove yielding villain of The Wizard. We learn that the term ‘Goomba’ might not be as politically correct as we are used to. The series is a straightforward anthology. Each episode gives us a different game or character or situation from the days of the original Nintendo to reminisce about. Oh, and get one heck of a laugh while doing so. Because, above all, that is what makes this series stand out, and my web series recommendation this week - it is downright hysterical. It is so cleverly written, that even those who had a deprived childhood, sans a gaming system, would enjoy. 
With eighteen episodes under their belt and counting, this series is showing no signs of slagging. And there is no reason why it should. There is a mountain of nostalgia from the era of NES and Sega Genesis, each with their own gags and goofs to play off on.
Living in 8 Bits already has a very active, and continuously growing fan base. Check them out on Facebook, ScrewAttack, and their main page

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